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On this page, you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. To make searching as easy as possible, all answers are sorted by topic. If the answer to your question is not there? Then please contact us. 

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Our top 5 most frequently asked questions

The hourly price for electricity is based on:

  • The hourly varying market price; EPEX Day Ahead in €/kWh. No distinction is made here between normal and/or off-peak hours.
  • The purchase fee for supply in €/kWh. This is a fee in €/kWh that we pay for the purchase of energy and the handling of electricity on the energy exchange. 
  • The purchase fee for a Certificate of Origin (CvO), this concerns gray power, and we register this for the full amount of your power consumption.
  • The delivery rate is increased by energy tax, VAT and any other surcharges imposed by the government. 

The daily price for gas is based on:

  • The daily varying market price; LEBA DA via ICE in €/m³
  • The purchase fee in €/m³. This is a fee in €/m³ that we pay for the purchase and handling of Gas on the energy exchange and for matching the supply of gas to the actual consumption profile.
  • The national transport costs in €/m³. This is a payment for the transport of the gas over the national grid. This allowance varies annually and varies per profile. GTS determines and publishes all the above rates on its website. The surcharge and costs will be charged and charged to you one-on-one.
  • The delivery rate is increased by energy tax, VAT and any other surcharges imposed by the government. 

We calculate the total costs for a whole year in advance for your monthly amount. We do this based on your consumption profile, any self-generation, your address and the prices of the past 2 weeks. Based on this calculation, you will first receive two advances, after which a settlement will take place per month based on actual consumption.

We don't like surprises afterwards. To prevent you from being shocked by your annual accounts at the end of the year, we follow developments in the energy market. In concrete terms, this can mean an increase or decrease in your monthly amount. We consider energy prices, the current VAT rate (9% or 21%) and your expected annual consumption. It can therefore happen that your monthly statement suddenly turns out to be slightly higher or lower. If you have any questions about this, please call or email our support department.

For all electricity that you generate more than you consume, a feed-in fee equal to the EPEX Day Ahead weighted average hourly price applies. In addition, you also pay a purchase fee for feed-in per kWh. 

Do you opt for a dynamic contract with Energie Monster? Then a smart meter will do useful work. The smart meter automatically and real-time passes on the meter readings to your network operator and energy supplier. 

Do you still have old-fashioned (turntable) meters or meters of the first digital generation? Then we advise you to have it replaced by your network operator as soon as possible. You can request the installation of this via the website of your network operator. The installation of this is in principle free, if you are offered the installation by the network operator. Isn't it your turn yet? Then the costs are €72.60.

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