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Energy contract

No, that won't work. Energie Monster offers dynamic contracts instead of a contract with fixed rates. This means that you do not pay fixed rates, but the market price for electricity that varies per hour and the daily price for gas. This way you can optimally benefit from the movements of the energy market and never pay too much. 

No, we supply gas extracted from fossil sources and gray electricity. But of course you can opt for green electricity that is generated from renewable sources, such as European wind or Dutch wind/solar. We purchase guarantees of origin (Gos of Origin) for this purpose and register them with CertiQ.

If you want to use green electricity, you can indicate this to us, we will calculate the market price for the desired GoO. 

You can terminate the supply agreement with Energie Monster by sending your notice of termination to Energie Monster via or via your new energy supplier. A notice period of 30 days before the end of the term of the supply agreement must be used. If you have a supply agreement for a definite period of time and you cancel it prematurely, we will charge a cancellation fee for this. 

Energy prices

The monthly bill specifies the supply rate for electricity and gas. The total energy price is made up of various rates, such as the fixed fee, energy ballast, ODE and grid management costs. 

The hourly price for electricity is based on:

  • The hourly varying market price; EPEX Day Ahead in €/kWh. No distinction is made here between normal and/or off-peak hours.

  • The purchase fee for supply in €/kWh. This is a fee in €/kWh that we pay for the purchase of energy and the handling of electricity on the energy exchange. 

  • The purchase fee for a Certificate of Origin (CvO), this concerns gray power and we register this for the full amount of your power consumption.

  • The delivery rate is increased by energy tax, VAT and any other surcharges imposed by the government. 

The daily price for gas is based on:

  • The daily varying market price; LEBA DA via ICE in €/m³
  • The purchase fee in €/m³. This is a fee in €/m³ that we pay for the purchase and handling of Gas on the energy exchange and for matching the supply of gas to the actual consumption profile.
  • The national transport costs in €/m³. This is a payment for the transport of the gas over the national grid. This allowance varies annually and varies per profile. GTS determines and publishes all the above rates on its website. The surcharge and costs will be charged and charged to you one-on-one.
  • The delivery rate is increased by energy tax, VAT and any other surcharges imposed by the government. 

With a single tariff, you pay the same price for electricity all day long. Single rate is possible with every electricity meter; so you don't need a smart meter. With a double rate you pay 2 different rates; the off-peak rate applies at night, on weekends and public holidays and the normal rate applies on working days from 07:00 to 21:00 or 23:00. In one region, the off-peak rate starts at 9:00 PM, and in the other region at 11:00 PM. Your grid operator determines when off-peak hours start.