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Generate your own energy with solar panels

By generating your own energy using solar panels, you invest in sustainable energy, and you immediately save on your energy costs. The installation of solar panels is still stimulated by the government by offering various subsidy options.

Energy Monster supervises the entire process and ensures that you benefit optimally from solar energy.

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Lower energy costs

With only ten solar panels on your roof, you can quickly save hundreds of euros on your energy bill. Do you also generate more electricity than you consume? Then you will receive a compensation for the return delivery. In short, with solar panels, you not only save money, it also yields something! 

Less CO2 emissions

A better environment starts with yourself. Purchasing solar panels is a very nice first step. Because energy generated from solar panels has no CO2 emissions. This is in contrast to energy generated from a lignite power station.

Short payback period

In previous years, did you earn back your investment within about ten years with the switch to solar panels? Due to the current conditions on the energy market, the average payback period has now been halved to five years.

Generate your own electricity

Now, the electricity that you supply back on the annual statement is settled with the electricity that you used at other times. This is done via the netting rule. If you have fed in more power than you consume, you will receive a feed-in fee. 

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