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Energy storage in batteries

Previously, electricity only came from power stations. But more and more electricity is now being generated from sustainable sources, such as solar and wind. Unfortunately, these sources are not 100% reliable. 

Energy storage can help! Energie Monster offers various options for both private and business customers.


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Double your solar energy consumption

Without using a battery, you only use 30% of your self-generated solar energy. With the installation of a battery, this percentage quickly rises to 60%.

Net balancing

When generated energy is stored in a battery, and is therefore not returned directly to the grid, our electricity grid is less burdened, and the energy can be used when it is needed. 

Lower energy bill 

Because you consume less energy from the grid, you naturally also pay less energy costs to your supplier. Do you want to use as little energy as possible from the grid? Then make sure that electrical appliances are controlled smartly. 

Business energy storage

As an entrepreneur, you can benefit greatly from energy storage. A battery can be used as an emergency supply or ensures that your connection does not need to be made heavier. 

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