Customer service | Smart meter and readings

Grid operator

There are several regional network operators in the Netherlands, such as Enexis, Stedin, RENDO, Liander, Coteq, Enduris, and Westland Infra. There are also two national network managers, TenneT for electricity and Gasunie for gas.

If you want to know who your grid operator is, you can find it based on your zip code. In some regions you may have to deal with two network operators, one for electricity and one for gas. Do you want to know who your network operator(s) is/are? Then click here.

You pay mandatory network costs to the network operator in your region. These are costs that are charged for the transport of energy to your home or building. These costs are charged via your energy supplier and can be seen on your energy bill. Only as a large consumer do you pay these costs directly to the network operator. 

The national network operators maintain the technical supply and all facilities of the electricity and gas network. So also, the meters in your meter cupboard. And does something break? Then your network operator will ensure that it is repaired. 

Malfunction? Then you don't have to sit in the cold or in the dark. Call 0800-9009 for free, which is the National Gas and Electricity Disruption Number. This number is the fastest way to reach the regional grid operator for a quick solution.

Energy meters and meter readings

Do you opt for a dynamic contract with Energie Monster? Then a smart meter will do useful work. The smart meter automatically and real-time passes on the meter readings to your network operator and energy supplier.

Do you still have old-fashioned (turntable) meters or meters of the first digital generation? Then we advise you to have it replaced by your network operator as soon as possible. You can request the installation of this via the website of your network operator. The installation of this is in principle free, if you are offered the installation by the network operator. Isn't it your turn yet? Then the costs are €72.60. 

Customers of Energie Monster have to do as little as possible. In other words, recording the meter and forwarding readings is not necessary. Your smart meter, which can be read remotely by us, takes care of this. Do you supply energy (for example with solar panels) back to the network? Then it is precisely registered and processed. 

Don't have a smart meter yet? Then you will be asked about your meter readings (usually) once a year. Note: Write down your power meter readings without the leading zeros. If you have two counters, an off-peak rate and a normal rate apply. So note both positions. The following applies to the gas meter: write down the reading without the red numbers after the decimal point.

If you have a smart meter, it can be read remotely. But not by everyone, we are that smart. The only people who can read the readings are you, your network operator and of course Energie Monster as your energy supplier. No data is shared with third parties.