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Yes, of course! If you already have a solar installation, we would like to know this when concluding the supply agreement. We would also like to hear this as soon as possible if you decide to install a solar installation later, during the contract period.

If you generate energy yourself and supply part of it back, the net metering scheme is applied for the small-scale consumption connection.

In practice, netting means: settling consumed electricity 1 to 1 with electricity supplied back. If you return more than you consume, we will pay you for it. If you use more than you return, you only pay the difference. In concrete terms: if you consume 1500 kWh and return 1000 kWh, you pay for 500 kWh.

For all electricity that you generate more than you consume, a feed-in fee equal to the EPEX Day Ahead weighted average hourly price applies. In addition, you also pay a purchase fee for feed-in per kWh. 

Since we bill per month based on actual consumption, we also apply the netting per month.