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Towards sustainable mobility

The electric car is no longer an exception in the streetscape these days. And what could be easier than simply charging your car in front of your door with your own charging system? It is not only more practical, but also cheaper than charging at a public charging station. 

More reason to purchase your own charging system! Together with you, Energie Monster looks at the charging solution that suits you.

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Charging station for home

Does your house have its own driveway or parking space? Then you can have your own charging station installed without any problems. This way you are always assured of a full battery at the rates of your own energy supplier.

Business charging station

As an entrepreneur, do you want a charging system at your company? Naturally, you want this to be well organized for both your employees and your customers. And as a company, you also benefit from various tax benefits! 


Cheaper charging

Charging your car at your own charging station is cheaper than using a public station, where the rates are high. Charging with your own system is done at the rates of your own energy supplier. 

Payback in 3 years

Due to the considerable difference between charging at home and at a public post, you earn back your own charging system within a considerable time. Of course, the payback period strongly depends on the frequency of charging.

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